My Fit Vida

By Lisa D

Fitness Consultant & Certified Personal Trainer

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Mother, wife, career professional, fitness enthusiast, figure competitor and athlete. Like many of you I wear a number of different hats on any given day. Through all the chaos that life has thrown my way, the constants in my life have been family and fitness. Juggling it all is a challenge but finding the right balance is key.

From the first time I stepped foot into a gym I found solace.
Once I made the decision to change my lifestyle and build a physique that matched my inner strength I gained a new level of confidence that I wish I had found years earlier. I wake up every day with a new goal, right now my goal is to motivate, inspire and help others live a fit and healthy life.

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          NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

                Competition History

2009 NPC Garden State Classic

  Figure Class A- 5th Place

2009 NPC Northeast Grand Prix

  Figure Class A- 8th Place

2010 NPC Garden State Classic

  Figure Class A- 11th Place

  Figure Novice Class- 2nd Place

2014 NPC Garden State Championships

  Figure Class A- 7th Place

  Figure Novice Class- 9th Place